About me

Dr. Pat Ware is a Zone Practitioner who discovered this healing system on the recommendation of a friend. Since he became Zone certified in the Summer of 2022, Dr. Pat has found his true calling after many years of helping patients with traditional Chiropractic techniques. Now, he understands that no health problem is to be feared or shunned, only understood to be the result of an imbalance with one or more of the 6 systems of the body. You will likely agree that the only thing that matters is Results! Our bodies have an “Innate” or inborn ability to heal itself as long as interferences are removed. These imbalances can predictably be removed by utilizing the Zone System of correction. Once the 6 systems are balanced, good health must manifest. It is Universal Law! Dr. Pat has been inspired by the founder of Zone School, Dr. Pete Goldman, to provide and restore his patient’s health to its normal state of perfect function, strength and happiness. In this way can his patients focus their attention on living and enjoying their life. From their 1st visit, each patient knows they are unique, valuable and deserving of good health in this world. In like manner, Dr. Pat talks to them about laws of the body, mind and soul and shows them how to abide by those laws to ensure exceptional vitality and enthusiasm throughout their lifetime.  If unparalleled results interest you, book an appointment to meet Dr. Pat today.

You’ve gone to many doctors and healers without results.
It doesn’t matter. Having your Zones balanced can change everything.
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